Wondering..Vera Plus

I received my new Vera plus and want to play around with it, can I upload a saved image of my veralite U15 on it ?
My current unit is setup in my vacation home and is on a different network

Hi, I had the same concerns, follow the upgrade path and istructions exactly, including any updates to the pluggins. All your info/confg will be transferred to VeraPlus and then you will need to go through each scene and allocate it to the 4 modes as to when it will run. You will need to try and test each scene as you progress, you will get the idea. In shoort it worked for me.

In my case, it worked at first – i.e. the migration completed successfully, and I was able to use the veraplus for about half a day. However, overnight something bad happened, and the device became completely hosed – zwave would not start, Lua engine would restart in an infinite loop. I didn’t want to wait several days for support guys, so I just hard-reset the veraplus.

I think what I’m asking is rather then covert my current VL U15 over to Veraplus, I would like to bench test the new unit it with my current VL image etc

How did you do the upgrade? I followed close to the same instructions. Updated all plugins on UI5, moved over zwave, made vera plus master and vera lite as slave. Now my vera plus is stuck in the same infinite reboot loop. It stays up for around 5 minutes, but has errors with zigbee and bluetooth. How did you do the hard reset.

Not really both units run different firmware and different z-wave chips. You also can’t use both at the same time with the same devices.

So your probley going to do a back then go for it, and if you have problems roll back to ui5 and restore to go back to the LITE.