With Vera 3 do I need a DVR?

If I use the new Vera 3 and have 5 wired IP cams with RTSP do I even need to use a DVR?

I need to view my cameras via my TV.
I need Vera to control lighting based on my camera’s alarm output status. i.e cam sees motion then record stream and email me of alarm and/or activate my Elk alarm siren.

My cameras video stream should be recorded to mios servers so no need for a dvr?

I haven’t connect Vera or cams yet. My Vera 3 is on order now. But from what I understand, I should be able to do the things I listed here. Am I thinking right?

I know you can use the motion detect capabilities of the camera to trigger events. Not sure about your video feed question. I’m experimenting with a single foscam IP camera at the moment and Vera pulls in the live video as snapshots. It’s set to save a number of snapshots when it detects motion, but I haven’t seen anything in the settings about recording video.

You can call Micasaverde to confirm this, but I asked them about video being stored my them and they are working on it for the future. It does not currently exist. They DO store photos and you CAN VIEW video.

I just wanted to chime in and say that Vera should never replace a security camera DVR. Vera should be looked at as a convenience.

  • Garrett

I too got sucked into the vera 3 storing all my panasonic ip camera footage. This would be a major plus as there is no good way without running their software on a computer.
I have contacted support because I know I saw this advertised as a feature on Vera 3 when I upgraded from Vera 2.

I use FTP option to send the images (not video) to a web server for archiving. Works great.

What I’d like to do, however, is trigger a scene in MIOS from motion detection of the Panasonic camera. Mott only seems to trigger functionality within the Panasonic webapp.

Ay ideas? Thanks.

I have the same problem with my Foscam. Can someone that has a Foscam IP camera working correctly list their configuration?