Wiring help with Linear WD500Z-1 and Linear WT00Z1

Hi everyone. I know there’s been a million variations on the “how do I wire my switches” question. I’m sorry to add to them. I’ve wired a couple of the WD500Zs already, but never in a 3-way situation like I’m trying to do now. Additionally, one of the two switch boxes (the one where the load-bearing switch needs to go) has two other switches in it, complicating things further…

My kitchen has two switch boxes: a box with a single switch (lets call it Box A) which is one of the 2 three-way switches for the 3-way set of lights, and a second switch box (Box B) which contains three switches: one for the 3-way set of lights in the kitchen, one for the other set of lights in the kitchen, and one that controls the lights in the garage. I’m fairly certain that the line from the breaker box comes in to Box B… but that’s about all I’ve got. I’ve diagrammed Box A and Box B (horribly) in the attached images. I’m trying to replace the 3-way switches with a WD500Z and WT00Z1 set. Any assistance helping me label what’s what and what goes where would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attach the images to the post (something about an upload folder being full) so you can find them here:

Box B: [url=http://tomreich.com/pictures/forums/boxb.png]http://tomreich.com/pictures/forums/boxb.png[/url]
Box A: [url=http://tomreich.com/pictures/forums/boxa.png]http://tomreich.com/pictures/forums/boxa.png[/url]

You’ll need to setup your switches like in the attached diagram.
LRM-AS = WD500Z-1
LTM-5 = WT00Z-1

Based on your diagrams, the WD500z-1 would go in Box B with the Line and the Load. The White bundle is your Neutral, the Black bundle is your Line. Your diagram does not look correct. It shows a line going to Bundle A which I would expect to be Box A and Bundle C, the load. That’s not right.

Double check your wires. Make sure you positively identify each one.

@Z-Waver I think his diagram could be correct, sending the feed to the common pole on the ‘far’ switch (Box A) and having 2 traveler wires back to the local switch where the panel feed is located (Box B), with the lighting load connected to the common pole on the switch in Box B. I have attached a annotated diagram which may clarify my interpretation.

I have also attached the ‘revised’ wiring with the WD500Z in Box B and the required changes in Box B to feed the WT00Z in Box A.

@BlueScreenOfTOM please test your wires before doing a rewire. Certain assumptions have been made, and although it is probable that this is how it is wired, it is no guarantee, as 2 forum members have 2 different ideas… Due diligence is key.

@Vodden - Your assumptions are possible but, like mine, they remain assumptions. If you look at the diagram, and assuming that Bundle C goes to the light, there is a Line, a Neutral AND a switched Line(Load). That would be too many lines. However, ceiling fan wiring is often done that way. Your diagram with the WD500Z-1 is absolutely correct, provided that the assumptions are true.

As always, @BlueScreenOfTOM, you must positively identify all wires. You must not assume it’s function.