Wiring a standard Jasco On/off switch

I’m having some weird difficulty wiring this in my WA home. This is to a normal overhead bedroom light. I removed the old toggle switch that had two blacks (assume one load and one line/hot, although not labeled. And connected those to the Jasco. then pulled one of the whites and connected to neutral. Didn’t work.

weird thing (to me) is that I seem to have 3 sets of white, and 6 black wires in the box. I’ve tried quite a few options, some that stopped all power into the room from the circuit (no idea what I did there), some that just don’t seem to power the switch, but are ok with the rest of the room lights (closet, receptacles, etc.).

I thought this one would be easy. :smiley: Any quick hints on how I might trouble shoot this?


You can’t just pull one of the whites and hook it up, they are all wired together for a reason. Get a short piece of 14 gauge wire and add it to the bundle then put that to the switch. If it still doesn’t work swap your two blacks, the line and load, you may have them backwards.

You are my hero! thanks!