Wink Hub Integration

Does anyone know if there are plans to update the plugin to work with UI7? I have a few wink devices (bulbs etc). I would love to integrate them with my Veralite. I have tried the existing plugin but, the devices dont work predictably and the plugin seems to force frequent reloads of the LUA engine. I dont want to have to buy a veraedge to make these devices work (especially since the reviews of it aren’t great).

The VeraEdge only runs Ui7 and you are asking for the plugin to be updated to work with Ui7. I am not sure what you are trying to ask here.

Might want to post this in the Wink Connect thread if you have questions about its functionality. I’m running the Wink Connect plug-in and it works great, I had some issues in the beginning but Cybrmage (author of Wink Connect plug-in) fixed the bugs that were causing issues for my system. I do have the VeraEdge (most recent version of UI7) though, but the plug-in should still run fine on a VeraLite.