Windows 10 - installing Lua how to?

Any recommendations for Lua on Windows 10 - 64 bit. Just want to run a few scripts - don’t need an IDE (such as ZeroBrane).

Here is one possibility: sourceforge

Then there is this: LuaDist and this: Luarocks for Windows

Really not sure what’s what and if the libraries come along for the ride. Hoping to make use of the “LuaFileSystem” library.

Interested in any comments on this.

I’ve installed Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu) and I’m loving it.

Just install Ubuntu from the Windows Store, then get Windows Terminal and you’re ready to go. 100% Linux running inside Windows.

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No, no, the whole point about Lua is that it runs anywhere.

I confess that on PC I do use ZeroBrane, but I think I may have installed it another way in the past. I wil check.

If you want to develop for Linux-based environments, using a Linux image is way better. You’ll soon face differences related to how network, disk and sockets are handled. I’m using it for my day-to-day job (related to .NET Core, Kubernetes and similar) and it’s way better than trying something only on Windows and then have a surprise when running under Linux. Developing is much more than the language itself.

As the editor, VS Code has lua support and it’s OK for my needs.

Oh, I was under the impression that this was for Windows-based target environment?

Yep - just want to run a couple of simple Lua progs under Win 10.

I was able to get LuaDist running on Windows, but soon ran into problems with outdated ssl implementation (it would not support TLS 1.2). Then I downloaded ZeroBrane and extracted Lua out of there. It was not pretty but it is working for me. Here is a short write up of my adventure Windows Install Guide? - #20 by peterv - openLuup - Ezlo Community

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