Window And Door Sensor Recommendations

Hello so I would like to put in place 4 door sensors, 2 skylight sensors, and 4 window sensors. Any Z-WAVE recommendations? I see the Aeon product. I also see the Everspring SM103 and the Everspring HSM02. I also see the Schlage RS100HC. Seems that all 4 do work with the Mi Casa Verde product, but I’m curious which are the most reliable for the above purposes, and if there are any major limitations. (for example I’ve heard about some not being able to do scenes as well, etc) Leave cost out as this is for a 10 year installation and $10-$15 per device doesn’t matter much. If for some reason an ancient product works the best such as the HRDS1 I don’t mind purchasing them on ebay. I’m not talking about 98% vs 99.9% reliability – otherwise I’d go with a traditional alarm system and interface it with the Vera. 98% is fine for me. Nevertheless if you have a really strong argument to go with the traditional alarm system I don’t mind being convinced, I’d just like to avoid it since it seems rather like a legacy approach.

One element that seems important is which device works over the largest distance given that all seem to be battery operated, though I suppose that could be overcome with a zwave plugin device nearby to act as a repeater/extender. Another element to consider might be battery life if it is particularly egregious.

Thanks ahead of time.

I have had trouble with my HRDS1 sensors dying after a few years use (see my earlier post). I have 4 windows where I use the external contact sensors for so that feature is essential for me. (Two windows are double windows where I have an external contact on each which connected in series to the same HRDS1.) Does anyone know if you can wire external contact sensors with the Everspring SM103 or HSM02 or the Schlage RS100HC window/door sensors? Doesn’t anyone have an opinion on which of these are better?

Also, how about battery life, any comparison? I used to use the Aeon sensors for another home. Getting the special batteries (CR123A) that the Aeon require was a bit challenging in Hawaii. It is a commonly used battery in cameras but many of us don’t travel with cameras besides our cellphones. I didn’t compare battery life because the Aeon was in one home and HRDS1 in another. I did try lithium AAA batteries in the HRDS1. At first I thought that the lithium AAA were not compatible but the problem was from dying HRDS1 units.
The HSMO2 uses a CR2450 3.0V (button battery). Changing the battery in that unit looks like it would be easier but long they do they last?

I have 5 Fibaro window sensors, and so far they are 99%+ reliable. Actually, I have not had one false trigger in about a year. Only negative I found, one of the earliest I had installed (on a door which opens and closes all the time) the battery run out. After I put in a new battery, it refused to work and I had to press configure node a few times on my Vera and wake up the sensor, then it worked fine again. But I have been told that that should not happen normally. So waiting for the next battery to go and see how it goes. But that was really just a small inconvenience. The Fibaros are not only reliable, but very small and come in different colours to match your doors/windows.

I agree with @mikee123, including his experience with having to reconfigure after a battery change. But, on the whole, an excellent little device. A heavily used door seems to go through about one battery a year, others are lasting much better.