Wind Sensor 0-10v and Fibaro RGBW

Hello team,

I’m looking for LUUP code in order to detect my analog wind sersor (dry contact) connected to a Fibaro RGBW module. Is there actually a code for this?.

My idea is to control my awnings using this wind-sensor (p.e wind speed higher than certain speed). I have spent several weeks searching in Internet but seems to be that so far no way to control analog sensors using this module. (no code programmed)

Any support will be very appreciated. (I’m not a programmer)

Abraham Martin

Or you could try the Z-Wave wind sensor from POPP

I have bought an analog Wind Sensor, the same used by fibaro : and now my idea is makes it works.

I discovered the Wind Sensor from POPP after my purchase (what’s a pity).


You have to change the parameter 14 on the Fibaro RGBW to be able to take into account the analog inputs.
Then you should see a dimmer for your input in the UI (I have not tested that).


I have changed the parameters recomended to use the RGBW module as analog input sensor control but after that I only see 5 devices. I think the device file should be prepared to receive input from a wind-sensor in order to show wind speed and so on…