Will this work???

Vera1 is in FL…just received Vera2 in TN. The plan is to take V2 to replace V1 without spending tons of time.

What I have done

I did a backup of V1 and restored the data to V2. I had to DOWNGRADE the V2 firmware to .979 which is what I have on V1. I was told that the firmware must match.


  1. Will this work?
  2. Why can I not log in to Vera2 through MIOS? (is it because I downgraded the firmware??)
  3. Once I arrive and it works, can I then upgrade to the new firmware?

Any help will be appreciated. I have until Thursday to make any changes before leaving. I want to make this transition as smoothly as possible once I get there.



1.0.979 is UI2 correct? In order to get remote access with this version, you must use findvera.com. cp.mios.com is used on for UI4. As for upgrading UI4 from UI2. It should work, but I have not done this as I went straight to UI4 when I got my vera. There have been others who have done this and have not had any issues or very little issues.

  • Garrett

This worked for me.

Upgrade Vera1 to UI4. Backup Vera1 to your desktop. Shutdown Vera1 and completely disconnect from network and power. Startup Vera2 and check that Vera2 has the latest firmware(UI4). Install the backup from your desktop, remember to mark the box “Restore Dongle Firmware” otherwise you will not get your z-wave devices transfered from Vera1(info from z-wave chip) and that’s it.

I had no problems what so ever with this method. :slight_smile:

I am very reluctant to upgrade Vera1 without being with her. I was thinking that it would be easier to replace Vera1 and then perform the upgrade once Vera2 is in place.