Why does my Vera pool nodes?!

I have set to Never poll nodes under z-wave settings. And i have set Poll node to 0 seconds on every unit. But my Vera still polls my nodes, and usually gets “cannot detect device” all tho they work fine. And when a fully working node gets that irritating red field of text im unable to control it with Google home… Any fix for this irretating problem?!

Setting polling to 0 does normally stop it polling.

How do you know its still polling?

Perhaps the Can’t detect device is appearing for another reason?

I was getting that Can’t detect message on one of my battery operated motion sensors and I’d been ignoring it for ages.

Last week I disabled polling for that device and touch wood the message hasn’t come back again.

Maybe try setting Automatically Configure to NO as well.

You’ll need to probably manually poll / wake up the device to set that.

Its only happening to AC powered devices. I have also set Automatically Configure to NO.

I know they poll becous i se it in the interface. Polling nodes…

Can’t say I’ve ever seen the GUI say that.

How many devices have this problem with Can’t detect device?

Is your Z-Wave mesh network good?

Do the problem devices have neighbour nodes listed?

Its mabye 3-5 devices … Yes they all have neighbors. If where would be a good way to check the status of the z-wave network i could tell you, but as far i know its not possible…

But i guess it doesnt matter any more. Just ordered a Athom Homey, im so sick of this Vera garbage. Only thing im really gonna miss is the totaly AWSOME plugin Reactor.

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Marked as solved then LOL.

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I’m also tired by Vera’s poor reliability and slow service. Completely agree on REACTOR… Do they (Homey) have a similar depth of solution for regular users as myself or it requires scripting experience?

Maybe you’ll like my multi-platform Reactor when it’s done. I’ve never heard of Homey before, but I’ll go study up…

My experiences so far with the Homey - I have added ~30 z-wave devices so far, it takes around 30 seconds to add and configure a device. So far they have ALL been a success on the first try when adding(!!!). Wifi and USB powered with powerbank makes it so easy to walk around the house when including. With Vera i could be struggling one whole evening trying to include one single device.

I haven’t made any complicated scenes yet, but as far as i can tell its no way as good as Reactor. Its super easy to make basic scenes, but i haven’t figured it out yet how to make complicated once. But it should be possible accordingly to the Homey community.

Ohh, you made me very curious … Really love your work with Reactor, and sure hope you could make something “cross platform”.

Any exiting news on this? :smile:

My (admittedly limited) knowledge on the subject of Polling – and, yes, it has been a perennial problem for users since at least 2011! – is that there are TWO parallel mechanisms by which Z-Wave devices get polled.
One is by the Z-Wave chip itself, at the protocol level, a function which cannot be disabled.
The other is by the Vera controller, at the OS level, a function which can be disabled by setting ‘PollSettings’ to 0 (recommended, esp. for battery-operated devices). Disabling this feature does not stop the Z-Wave chip from doing its thing, nor from those dratted red flags appearing.

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