Why do some plugin devices want to uninstall plugin when you delete 1 device?

The topic pretty much says it all. Some plugin devices when I try and remove them ask to remove the plugin as well. This doesn’t make sense. Examples:

PLEG: WILL let me delete just 1 device
MultiSwitch: WILL NOT let me delete just 1 device. I click the trash can and it asks if I want to delete the device and I say “OK”, then it asks me if I want to remove the plugin and all devices it created.
WOLPlusPing: WIL NOT let me delete just 1 device. Same as MultiSwitch.

Those are the only one’s I can really remember, but I know other plugins exhibit the same behavior and I’m just curious why.

Edit: I just deleted an XBMCState plugin and it also just let me delete just the device and not uninstall the plugin.

This is a reported bug:
Work around:

Thanks @Brientim

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I hope that this bug will be fixed in the next version of the firmware. It is very annoying … for normal user.