Why Didn't Scheduled Event Run?


I just added two light switches to me VeraLite system last Saturday, a “Dimmer” type for my front porch and a 3-way for my outside garage lights. I had three scenes to control these lights.

  1. To turn both lights on at sunset
  2. To turn the garage lights off at 9:30PM every night except Wed. (10:10PM) & Thurs. (10:50PM)
  3. Turn the front porch light off nightly at 11:15PM (I have all the days of the week check-boxed)

I also have a Schlage door lock, Temp/Humidity sensor and a inline power switch (on my basement dehumidifier). My VeraLite is only about 10 feet from my front porch light switch.

Anyway, for 4 days my porch and garage lights came on and went off perfectly. But last night my front porch light did not go off at 11:15PM. And its’ schedule still said “Last run 08/14/2013 23:15:00” at 11:30PM (8/15).

Any ideas why this scheduled event didn’t happen? I had hoped to use the Vera to automate some solar stuff, but if event failures happen after just 4 days this would not be reliable enough to be trusted. A light not going off is one thing, but a back up boiler on my solar hot water tank not going off is something entirely different.

Also, does the top of everybody else’s VeraLite feel warm? Mine feels just a bit warmer than I think it should be (it’s in room that’s 70 to 72 degrees)


You need to check your log file … More likely than not … it may have restarted at that time.

You might think it to be low probability … but when timers fire … they initiate activity … the activity causes it to exceed a low memory condition and cause a restart. Vera’s handling of timed events in scenes is terrible in the context of Vera restarts … and Vera restarts way to often!

Using plugin’s like the Program Logic Event Generator will greatly reduce a missed scheduling event … but for critical things like circulation pumps I usually have a secondary OFF trigger at a slightly delayed time to make sure they happen.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply. But I can’t figure out how to see the “log file”. Are you referring to using SSH [ip address of vera]?

This Wiki (http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Logs) refers to using “console” (OS X). But I see no way to enter anything in console. Using Terminal didn’t work either.

BTW Tonight the porch light DID go off at 11:15PM, like it’s supposed to, but I realized I had also set the door lock to “lock” at 11:15PM (just in case we left it unlocked, I also have this lock at 9PM every night). But I just pushed up the 11:15PM door locking to 11:20PM nightly. Could having two events set to run at the same time cause an issue? I know, It shouldn’t, but…


Yes you have to SSH to your Vera to access the logs … I would be happy to review your logs for you if you figure how to SSH to Vera.

You should not post your logs … but only share them with people you trust … They could display passwords to things like camera or notification services for plugin’s that you install.

Thanks Richard. Actually going away for a few days but I’ll try and read up how to get that log file…