Why aren't reactor sensor controllable with Vera Android App

As I moved various Vera “Scenes” towards Reactor logic equivalents, I noticed that you basically cannot control them via the Mios Vera App.
Is there a specific reason for that ? Did you had some exchanges with the Vera developers on this? Certain limitation?

Normally my scenes run automatically without the need to control them with the app, but this time I wanted to show something to someone and notice I could not “trigger” manually for example.

I’m sure this is 110% a Vera Mios App issue that you can’t but just gathering some input…

The mobile apps don’t currently show custom UIs. It’s a big, long-
standing issue that is much discussed.

If you wanted you could try to use a Virtual Switch to just trigger a specific device with Lua, im pretty sure that the Virtual switch plugin should still appear on your phone.
Though thats if you want to go though the hassle of specifically making a trigger just to impress your mates :stuck_out_tongue:

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