Why are there so few devices listed in UI5 when you add devices

I looked everywhere for an answer to this, so I am resulting to posting. I have a bunch of Leviton switches. When I go to add them, they are not listed under “dimmers and lights” in the “additional devices” section of adding devices. So I use “generic z-wave device”.

Why are they not listed, even when they say they are supported?
Is there a way to add them?
Do the ones listed have better integration?

My impressions with MCV so far are that they have a long way to go on UI. When you go to add devices, having tiers of device types “included in your kit”, “additional devices”, “generic devices” is really just confusing and is not helping.

Any thoughts on this?

I would recommend taking your vera to the device instead of simply including it as a generic z-wave device. I’ve had problems before using the UI to include devices as opposed to taking the vera to the device for inclusion.



I never use any of the include options / choices, except the ‘advanced’ one that lets you pick full power inclusion, regardless of the device (type/brand/model) I’m including. Not sure what the differences are between all the other options. Vera reads info from the device, and can figure out ‘what to do’ from there?