Why are changes not directly active?

Removed some triggers, conditions and actions. But after that, the condition was still met and so the action performed. I thought it was not needed to do a reload LUA?

after every change tin vra alerts the luup should reload

Notifications in Vera work by creating a hidden scene that points to the device and an event template for the message and trigger conditions.

VeraAlerts works by adding Lua to that scene when you turn VA’s “Process Notifications” setting on. Scene Lua runs before scene actions, so that Lua takes over by doing its notification first and then returning false, which, if you’ve done scene Lua you know, will stop the remaining scene actions (in this case Vera’s own notification) from running.

The problem for VA, and everyone else including UI7 itself, is that any change to a notification requires changing the scene, and changing the scene requires a reload for Luup to fully see those changes. And if you don’t do it, Luup will do it itself when you first try to run the scene after modification (it sees a dirty state change to persistent user_data). As we know it today, Luup has many such places, where a change requires a restart. This is not VA’s fault, just a necessary evil in the current world we live in.

Sorry, don’t know what happend, but this should be placed in PLEG, not VeraAlerts.