Which Vera controller should I buy?

I’ve narrowed it down to a Vera cntroller I want but started looking at the different Vera systems (http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Comparison_of_Vera_units) and the Vera3 and VeraEdge look newer than the VeraLite(which I was going to get) but I’m wondering about the growability and future tech and which is the best option at this point.

I’m looking at the Vera 3 and the VeraLite. Everything I’ve read says a lot of stuff hooks into VeraLite but don’t know much about the vera3.

The extrernal rechargeable battery sounds awesome, and it has wifi or can use wifi devices? has 2 USB’s and double the ram of the VeraLite.

So my system won’t be anything fancy. Motion detects, door sensors, plugins, ceiling fan controller. I do want to run it through an amazn echo though.

So any thoughts?

Do not get a VeraLite … they run out of memory very quickly.

I would not (and do not) use the Wifi on the Vera 3 (or Vera Edge) for anything. The Vera hardware is reused design for a router … but they do not have all of the router software available to manage it properly … what’s available makes the wifi pretty much useless. The reason to select the Vera 3 or the Vera Edge is the memory!!

The Vera 3 runs UI5 which is pretty stable … the Edge require UI7, which after 2 years is still pretty much an early beta quality product.

I have a veraLite on UI7 running fine. I ordered the Vera Edge but then I heard about the Vera Plus coming out in the next month or two so I canceled my order. Not to much info on the Vera Plus but I’m going to wait and try it. When I ordered the Vera Edge a few days ago it was $149 and now it’s $99. I read somewhere that the Plus will be out in November.


Do not get a LITE.

Vera 3 offers only one thing over the Edge… ui5 or the older firmware. Its out dated, older zwave chip, not made andymore, and expensive, it really offeres less then the edge and the edge is 99.00 right now.

The plus is coming but maybe a month or more, vera is always late and with new releases your bound to be a tester and run into new issues. Price is sure to be more.

So im gonna say if your not in a hurry wait to see what the plus has to offer and at what price. If not jump on the 99.00 deal for the edge.

VeraEdge here
Very happy.
Very little issues

Does anyone know if there is a maximum size memory limit for USB memory stick used with [glow=red,2,300]Vera Edge[/glow] and is there any types one should avoid?

Does anyone know if there is a maximum size memory limit for USB memory stick used with Vera Edge and is there any types one should avoid?
It will only use 500MB of whatever size you install ... find an old one sitting around your house.

Thanxs Richard, I wasn’t sure if there was size issue so… based on your input there’s no need to get a a gigabyte drive… Mike