which deadbolt lock works best with Vera 3?

I’ve had Vera 3 UI5 for a while. Running 20 light and ceiling fan controllers through SquareConnect SQRemote. All work reliably. Never tried door locks. It looks like there are 3 options: Schlage, Kwikset, & Yale. My wife is disabled & uses a wheelchair. Must be reliable. Which deadbolt lock works best with Vera 3? Searched user forum but could not find the answer. Thanks for your help!

I use Yale, and find it to be very reliable. I plan to get another one for another door.

I am also very happy with my Yale deadbolt. I had a non-motorized schlage and being non-motorized made it vey pointless for me.

I think there is something to be said for the simplicity of manual operation. if you dont need the throw the bolt remotely my Schlage has been quite solid and batteries last quite a while. There are obvious advantages to the motorized bolts of the other types if you need that functionality

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for my ignorance but I’m a little confused. It sounds like with the Schlage deadbolt one still has to manually turn the deadbolt after using the Z-Wave controller to “unlock” it. So all Z-Wave does on Schlage is unlock it e.g. perform the “key” part of the deadbolt but it doesn’t actually move the deadbolt out of the way. Is that how the Schlage Z-Wave lock works? Meaning that my disabled wife would still have to reach up and manually turn the Z-Wave-unlocked deadbolt in order to be able to open the door?

If that’s the case, then yes, my disabled wife does need the motorized feature. Otherwise, the Schlage Z-Wave deadbolt only saves her having to put in and turn the key - which would make it easier for her to unlock the door. But not as easy as if the deadbolt is actually moved out of the way as well, which is what the Yale Z-Wave lock sounds like it does.

(More ignorance - I guess/assume now that all Z-Wave locks need/use batteries to do their “job”). Of course, with more to do the Yale lock’s batteries probably don’t last as long as the Schlage lock’s batteries. Although my wife doesn’t leave the house that often we do live here full-time. So the door lock will be used more often than, say, a vacation home that is not used year round. Approximately how long might the batteries last on the Yale? And how hard are they to change?

What model number is the Yale Z-Wave lock that works best with Vera?

I read that the batteries were a little more problematic to change on the Schlage due to some little screw that keeps them in place - that stops working so well after a while (some user reported he’s had to use duct tape now to hold the batteries in place). Is the battery cage designed better on the Yale?

And while searching I found a new Schlage model FE599NX CAM 505 that Amazon.com said replaces the BE369-505 model. Does anyone know if this new Schlage model has the motorized deadbolt or whether they fixed the battery cage problem? If so is this new model compatible with Vera?

Finally, I read a few bad comments on Kwikset. Is Kwikset a lower quality lock? This Z-Wave lock update for our front door is for my disabled wife. For that reason I’m willing to pay more for more security as well as reliability/compatibility. Thanks for your help. €;~)

Happy with my Yale real living touch screen. Also Yale accepts high security cylinders so you can have it keyed for Medco

I have several kwikset locks in operation for several years with very little issues

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I tried to install a Yale lock in my vacation home. It didn’t work because the bolt and bolt hole (receptacle) have to be line up perfectly. I have to push my door inward a little to work the bolt and without that manual push on the door, the Yale lock was not able to extend the bolt.
I was leary of the Yale battery life in my vacation home but never got to test it. I brought it back with me and plan to install it in my home and to test battery life.
After you enter the code on the Schlage locks, you have to manually turn the knob to lock and unlock the deadbolts. That probably wouldn’t work for your wife.

I have 4 Yale touchscreen locks and agree with the comments about them including the need for good alignment. Fortunately it doesn’t need to be PERFECT, the hole in the jamb plate is bigger than the lock extension. However, it does not have the strength to pull a lock together even if it’s a light effort for a human. I’ll paste in my review from amazon below, it addresses many of these issues. I’m using VeraLite UI5.

This review is from: Yale YRD220-ZW-619 Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt, Fully Motorized with Z-Wave Technology, Satin Nickel (Tools & Home Improvement)
I purchased four of these to replace all the worn and sun damaged deadbolts in a house I just purchased. They were replacing existing Schlage deadbolts so I expected no issues with fitment. For the most part that was correct. The unit fit on even the tightest location. I had two french doors going out to my back deck, and one deadbolt was installed very close to the glass insert, and I was concerned that this unit was wider and would not fit. It fit fine, just a small trimming of the rubber gasket needed.

HOWEVER, the deadbolt holes on the jamb did not line up the same as I expected, even though I was replacing a Schlage deadbolt. Not a huge deal, just requires some careful work with a chisel and drill. On one of my french doors I had to pull the door off the hinges and disassemble the jamb to cut an inch off the aluminum insert. Not a horrible job, but more than I expected. The deadbolt is longer than the previous by probably 1/4", forcing me to drill the jamb hole a little deeper. Instead of 30 minutes with a screwdriver, I ended up with half a Saturday getting the fit just right on 3 of the 4 doors. This is fixable. Not lining up with the deadbolt hole (see paragraph above) would have been nearly impossible to fix. So I gave it 4 instead of 3 stars.

This brings me to the last point that you’ll want to carefully consider. If you have a door that the deadbolt “pulls tight”, this unit does not have the strength to do that. On two of my doors, the insulation was tight and a human could easily turn a deadbolt and the squeeze the insulation down. This unit tries, but then beeps with an error. The way it’s designed the deadbolt doesn’t “lock” unless fully extended. You can easily press it back in, even if 99% extended. Even if it was strong enough, the center of the lock is plastic, so it probably wouldn’t handle that abuse for long.

Since all my other doors (and deadbolts) were Schlage, I ordered “Yale AYRD200SCKA26 - Keyed Alike Schlage Style Barrel for 619 Finish Yale Locks” from asihome. They were $14 per lock and very easy to replace. Remove a plastic retainer on the outside escutcheon (2 screws), and remove a single screw holding in the cylinder. Pop in the new cylinder and reverse. Very easy and works very well. Be aware that you’ll have Schlage keys with YALE heads, and this will cause confusion at lowes when you try to get other locks to match your new keys. :slight_smile: Be sure to order the KEYED ALIKE option and order all of them at once, otherwise you’ll have to get them rekeyed.

The ZWave component works flawlessly. I set them up with Vera Lite, and had no issues doing a full power inclusion to the network. Be aware that after detecting the lock, vera takes much much longer (like 30 minutes or more) to complete the configuration before you can add PIN codes or anything. I didn’t expect that but was ok with it after I realized what was happening. Basically you do an advanced full-power include, go to the lock and attach it to the network and let it sit for a long time after the lock tells you it’s finished. In UI5 you’ll see a message stating that it’s “configuring the device”. Then you can add PIN codes and triggers. I set up a scheduled trigger at night to lock all my doors and it works great.

I’m not sure whether I’ll keep the one-touch lock enabled or not. It’s nifty to just hold your hand to the lock when leaving and it locks. However, when carrying groceries in, I’ll push the door the rest of the way open with my arm and invariably hit the lock and cause it to extend. Which then bashes into the jamb, leaving a mark when you try to close the door and don’t realize it’s extended. I think retraining myself to hold the door open a different way will make this problem go away. This is just a little nit-pick, and I can easily turn it off if I decide to do so.

Overall, a good product, very solid and heavy. Fairly easy to install, but takes a little work to get the jamb just right.

I have 3 kwikset locks installed and they have worked flawlessly.
They have been running for at least a month now and the battery life is only down by 1/8 even with lots of tests going on.
My Vera3 is on the second floor while the locks are on all 3 floors with no signal issues. (no repeaters either)

I had to make a minor adjustment on one door jam to ensure the deadbolt closed securely since I received a door lock fault a couple of times when remotely issuing a lock command. After the adjustment I have not received any faults.


[quote=“garrettwp, post:7, topic:173574”]I have several kwikset locks in operation for several years with very little issues

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