Which blinds make the least noise ?

I’m amazed that in 2015 getting something a simple as a blind that goes up and down when you want it is still as hard as it seems to be.

Having looked at a number of different blinds I’ve been surprised that what is supposed to be a “premium” brand (somfy) makes a ridiculous amount of noise compared to other blinds that I’ve seen. Not all of the other makes would play nicely with a home automation system but It got me thinking that if people can make a blind that has a battery bar sitting inside the roller tube that makes virtually no noise then why cant the premium brands ?.

Qmotion appears to be the most silent of the premium blinds I’ve seen so far, I wanted to see if anyone had any other experience of any other brands that are worth investigating ?.

I’ve looked at both mains and battery power, my findings have actually made me stop my window coverings project which was initially going to be 100% Somfy. When spending premium amount of money I feel like I want something that’s whisper quiet and smooth.

Any recommendations anyone has would be most welcome.

You might look into lutron as well. I believe they have the db levels listed. Ours are incredibly quiet.

Would love to know what you’ve looked at, and if you found any of the integrate into Vera?

At CES, Pella was showing some new ZWave stuff and I’ve been wanting to look at Graber (uses Somfy interface) and Hunter Douglas (someone built a plugin for Vera) but don’t know how well they work/integrate.

Thanks will take a look into Lutron as well, do you have them working nicely with Vera ?.

So far I have a Somfy Roller blind. Goes up and down each day without missing a beat using Vera. Its a battery powered unit and works well. The battery powered venetian I have is less reliable but I’m half thinking it might be the settings I’ve got in the plug in. The up / down /stop positions all work fine from the somfy remote, If I could fire those reliably from vera I would be a happy camper.

Yes, lutron components work well with vera using the radio ra2 plugin–one of the most reliable parts of our system.

Confirming Lutron motors are among the quietest out there.
Do they report the position when used with the Vera Plug-in?

Somfy has motors now that are quieter than the Lutron motors, but at that level of quiet it is like comparing the sounds of different sized feathers dropping. A Lutron motor and a Ultra Quiet Somfy motor can both be “loud” if mounted to a hollow wall or surface that will resonate the vibrations. Once you get to a certain level of quiet in a motor it comes down to how it is mounted and what it is mounted to that will resonate “noise”. Also there is give and take with motor noise levels, if you want the motor to lift a larger shade chances are it will either run slower or be louder as a result.

I prefer some quiet gentle noise coming from my roller shade motors so I hear when they are operating, so I am not in the pursuit of completely silent shades. A completely silent garage door opener would drive me crazy, “Did it just open/close? I had better check”. I am happy with the motors from zwavemotors, they are quiet and smooth and have Z-Wave inside.