Where and how to put in the Wattage info values for Thermostat?

Hi guys,

Was anybody successful in using the ERGY UI5 plugin and measuring the wattage your AC unit uses?
I have the CT30 and put in 750,3000,750 in the energy used field. However the ERGY plugin is not registering anything!!
Am I doing anything wrong? I thought the first bvalue is for heating, then cooling, then fan only?
Or do I have to put this value anywhere else?
It works fine with my other Z-Wave devices, however measuring the energy used by the AC via T-Stat does not work :frowning:

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

I’ve noticed that, too.

With my Trane thermostat under Vera 2 UI4, I manually put an estimated wattage under Settings > Energy Used. When the system was running, the wattage number would appear at the bottom of the thermostat module on the Dashboard. When I saw that number, I knew the unit was on.

Now, with Vera 3 UI5, the wattage reads “0 W.” And the ENRG plugin does not track HVAC usage. Other Z-wave devices - lamp modules, etc. - seem to be recorded OK.

Could this be a bug?

Hi Lonestar,

For me it actually started working properly after a couple of days.