What's the most reliable motion sensor for vera?

Please advice.

for me that is the Everspring SP814. very sensitive, no false tips. works for 2 years now without failure. i have 3 of them in my house

Been using the “Schlage RS200HC”…works pretty good. Motion sensors by design are inherently prone to false triggers! Depends on how you mount it, where you mount it etc.

Motion Sensors attached to a compatible Alarm system are MUCH better than any Z-Wave motion sensor.

If you want to use the motion sensors for Automation (Scenes, PLEG, …) then use wired motion sensors … many wireless ones have a 3-5 seconds of delay … which is used to minimize false triggers.

I use all versions of the EZMotion 3in1 and I have about 8 of them. I can not confirm any of the mentioned false triggers or 3-5 second delays at all!

However, according to many topics in this forum I seem to be a rather lucky guy ince others had more issues:

I also have 2 Everspring SP103 working outside with no problems.

Also there are already quite a few threads concerning your question in this forum, maybe these can help to (search is your friend):

Richard was referring to the wireless motion sensors of the alarm panels and not the z-wave motion sensors. I went the alarm panel route for the cost of the sensors and reliability.

As chixxi mentioned their are a ton of topics already discussing this. Search is your friend and is keeps the duplicate topics to a minimum.

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I am thinking about the aeon 4 in 1. And would like to know how reliable the temperature humidity and light levels are. Any advice on that?

In my experience the temperature, humidity and light readings from the 4-in-1 MultiSensor are not at all reliable. I was not able to get consistent data from this device and have now abandoned it in favour of a more-reliable motion-sensor - Everspring HSP02.

Don’t get the aeon 4 in 1! I have two, one is triggering about 4 times a day when there is no motion, and the second on I have reacts to light level changes, meaning when light is turned of the motion sensor triggers.

Hey guys… I’ve just got my first Vera device… a lock, and it works great with the VeraLite. Eventually, I’m going to connect this all to Indigo, but I’m also looking for a motion/light/temp sensor that I can use on the front porch.

The only device Insteon sells doesn’t do everything I need/want it to, so am looking at other sensors that will connect to my VeraLite.

Any suggestions of sensors that work well with VeraLite would be appreciated.


I have tried numerous kinds of Z-Wave motion sensors and each had some issue. I liked the HomeSeer HSM100-S2, EZmotion 3-in-1 and the Aeon Labs Aeotec MultiSensor, but in the end I just didn’t like the battery life of any of the Z-Wave motion sensors. I switched to all alarm panel motion sensors and have been very happy with their performance.

I have a Honeywell Vista 20P Panel (rev.9.12) with a 5883H High Security Transceiver Module. I highly recommend the 5883H because it is a true transceiver. I use all Honeywell wireless motion sensors, a mix of 5800PIR-RES and 5800PIR-COM. I have 7 Honeywell wireless motion sensors and am getting less than 3 seconds delay with them. I’m probably lucky to to get such low lag time considering that the signal has to run from the wireless sensors to the 5883H transceiver to the Vista panel to a NuTech AD2USB adapter connected to my VeraLite USB port interfacing with the Honeywell Ademco Vista Alarm Panel plugin. I’m guessing that my good response time for the wireless alarm panel motion sensors is due in part to the 5883H High Security Transceiver Module.

The Honeywell panel and wireless motion sensors are rock solid. The Honeywell wireless motion sensors seem to have great battery life; they are supposed to last 3 to 5 years. I have not changed a battery since I began to install them about 11 months ago, which is better than what I was experiencing with most Z-Wave motion sensors. Also, given some of the recent security concerns raised at the last BlackHat conference about intercepting packets from Z-Wave motion sensors and using the info to help hack into things like door locks, I like the idea of not having any Z-Wave motion sensors.

Isn’t there a more simple solution then “the signal has to run from the wireless sensors to the 5883H transceiver to the Vista panel to a NuTech AD2USB adapter connected to my VeraLite USB port interfacing with the Honeywell Ademco Vista Alarm Panel plugin” I’am looking for quite a time for a affordable alarm system in the netherlands.
But only the honeywell vista looks available in holland and suitable in combination with Mios vera. but the above arrangement seems not really more affordable.

I bought a bunch of Schlage RS200HC on sale and have been using 6 of them for about 4 months… not any issues. They are all working very well - instant triggering, no false.

If you want to use Z-Wave motion sensors, I think that Schlage RS200HC sensors would be the way to go. I have not used them, but I know that Schlage makes great products. At $54.52 on Amazon, they’re priced right, too.