What to buy? Open/close black-out roller shades with Vera

I bought an apartment and Vera 3 unit. What’s missing to make me happy are black-out roller shades that I can operate through my Z-Wave scene switches and iPhone. While I managed to set up everything else, I have no clue where to start with this project. All websites mention all kinds of different devices in cryptic language. I’m aware that I need a motor. I also know that I need power supply for that motor (I don’t like battery-powered solutions). Obviously, I need some wiring between the motor and the power source. But this is where I’m stuck right now. AC or DC motors? Any manufacturer that I should look into?

I don’t like to install a controller in my wall that has a proprietary design. I’d like to stick with my Leviton switches.

check zwavemotors.com