What thermostat do you use

So there are a LOT of threads on thermostats here. Most asking “What should I buy” but the fact is that everyone has what they use and love or hate, they use them.

I thought this might help folks out in that people can post what they have and what they love/hate about the unit they have.

Worth a shot?


EDIT: Some of the posters have made it clear that more info is needed. Maybe something like:

Number of Zones:
Type of connections: (common wire available, heat, cool, zones)

(not sure what else yet - I have a single zone, single thermo w/heat&cool and I believe a common wire)

I have two of these for the past three years


One in NJ and one in Florida

Both work great and no problems

Using the same one in my setup. Love it. It was a piece of cake to install and I had never installed one before. Monk would be proud of the manual as it’s that detailed on the installation. Including providing stickers for the wires you disconnect from your old thermostat. :slight_smile:

Note, these need the common wire run from your unit to provide power. These are not battery powered.

Also useing a few Tranes for my 4 zone setup.

Subscribing to see what other are using. I am looking for something like a Honeywell 9000 series but haven’t found anything that has a readily available plugin.

I have a 4 zone setup that used to be all Honeywell touch panel IAQ setups. I actually downgraded or upgraded depending on how you look at it. The exact model I’m using is a Trane TZEMT500BB32MA which is made by RCS and has 2 external Temp sensor inputs. I have bought 7 of them from this guy so far without a problem.


Biggest thing I miss is viewing both outside and inside temp on the screen at one time. Other then that I never really touch the thermostats themselves, I prefer to actually change it from my phone or IPAD and many things have now been automated where it shuts down when I leave only if it can recover fast (not a really hot day, or it will just stay on) turns on when I get home and if its cool outside and I open more then 1 window it turns off.

So altho I miss my nice touchscreens I’m learning fast that the goal it not really to have to use them.
And with a multizone setup that always ment walking to 4 different thermostat’s to make adjustments too. Soon the Ipad is going to be permanently mounted (already have a replacement for the Ipad) and will present a much better looking Control center that will do much more then just one Thermostat could.

With all that said I’m sure a plugin will eventually come out and you can have you cake and eat it too. I just got tired or waiting.

I agree completely on the " the goal is not really to have to use them. " part integlikewhoa. That is my goal as well.

My goal is to just get a feel for how happy people are with the units they are using, and maybe get an idea of which would work best for me :slight_smile: