What "siren" type devices will allow custom messages

I’m looking to “announce” custom messages in my house through a speaker or siren type device. I’m trying to find a siren/speaker etc that will allow me to use custom messages instead of the single, or canned tones. I believe the older AeoTech legacy doorbell had this capability. You connected it to your computer, uploaded mp3 files, named then numerically and then in Vera you could modify some value and it would play that particular sound/message. These devices are no longer available.

Does the new DoorBell 6 (or the simpler siren, that’s actually the same thing, just without the button) allow this? I read it was “not compatible” with Vera?

Any ideas how I can announce custom messages (hardware wise)


Do you have any Alexa or Google Home speakers?

There is a 3rd party Alexa plugin for Vera which can send TTS announcements.

I used Node-Red running on a Raspberry Pi to send TTS announcements to my Google Home speakers.

If you have any sonos speakeres you can use the plugin on Vera to do Text to speech

I do tts and annoucements via alexa, check out veraAlexa plugin, there is also a sonos plugin.

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