what kind of Zwave dimmer switch do I need ? 45606 or 45607 ?

By looking at my dimmer, I realized I have 4 wires, since I am no electrician, can anyone recommend me the right dimmer to use?


What kind of dimmer are you removing? If you look up the specs for the dimmer, you should be able to decipher what each of the 4 wires connects to, and map that to a new dimmer.

it looks just like this one.


According to the instruction sheet here:

Is this wired as a single-pole or 3-way?

If single-pole, one of the reds should be unused.
Then the remaining red should connect to the load, green to ground, and black to line.

If 3-way, one red is travelerA, the other is travelerB, black is line, and green is ground.

so I need a 45606 correct?

Thanks again Purdueguy, sorry I have no idea with electric at all … and seems like you are the only one replying my stupid questions.

it’s much appreciated.

Thanks again!

You want 45606 if this is for a dimmable light controlled from a single location.

You want 45613 (kit) if this if for a dimmable light controlled from 2 locations.

Where do you see a 45607? I don’t see if on the Jasco site: