What is ezlo?

I’ve vera plus and i see that all the updates refers to ezlo… what exactly is ezlo?
what about vera plus no more updates for it?

Ezlo Innovations is the company that has purchased the Vera company.

There will be more firmware updates for the Vera controllers.

You will also be able in time to update your current Vera Plus to the newer Ezlo firmware at some point.

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and what is the ezlo controller?
is it better than vera plus?

There are currently two Ezlo controllers available, Ezlo Atom and Ezlo Plug Hub Energy, both being affordable entry-level controllers, but they do not compete with the VeraPlus controller. Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure which will replace VeraPlus and Secure will be announced in the near future.

You should also be aware that Ezlo is not available in all markets (eg Australia for some reason). Any idea when Sorin?

So do all Plugins like VeraAlert etc work too?
… because, at the moment, ezlo doesn’t look better!

  • stopped Vera’s development
  • does not promise Plugins
  • huge delay in assistance (I have a request that has been stopped for a week)
  • it also looks like it will require a subscription!

Correct me if I’m wrong

None of the current Vera plugins will work on the Ezlo platform.

However I’ve been told that they are aware which plugins are mostly in use and Ezlo are aiming to have a replacement plugin for those.

If that actually happens remains to be seen.

I’d look at using Telegram messenger and a line of LUA code in your scenes for sending notifications.

That’s what I’m currently using on my Vera Plus to replace VeraAlerts.

That’s not true they are working on a new private closed beta firmware for the Vera hubs right now.

Yes I agree Vera support desk response times have gone down hill.

Possibly nothing official has been announced so we don’t know yet.

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We’ll see. I must say that these uncertainties and delays in assistance make ezlo an unreliable company.
For me the VeraAlbert and Vera Concierge plugin is the basis of my system that allows me to talk to my home and above all be warned vocally on any device.

I was also using VeraAlerts and Vera Concierge for TTS announcements to my Google Home speakers.

However I have ditched both and I am now using Node-Red running on my Raspberry Pi for integration with Google Home speakers for TTS and as I said Telegram messenger for push text notifications on my phone.

With Node Red integration I can just add a line of LUA code to my scenes and PLEG actions to send a TTS announcement. No Vera plugin required etc. So this approach will also work on the Ezlo firmware.

VeraAlerts was becoming too unreliable on newer Android versions and its not actively developed neither is Vera Concierge.

However I am using Vera’s native Google Home Service / cloud integration for device and scene control via voice commands issued to the Home speakers.

I see Vera Plus info basically scrubbed off product pages. Not holding my breath for timely FW updates.

Is there a release date yet for Ezlo plus? How much longer in beta?

Looking at HE or HA/Ras Pi candidates for winter migration project as device integration adds much more frequent and I assume Ezlo now heavily focused on new Ezlo platforms.

Well, I’ll try to study Node-Red, do you have any links to suggest me to understand how to integrate the Google Home speakers?
We hope that tomorrow it will be integrated without the aid of Raspberry Pi!
Thanks for this tip

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Thanks for your tip, I have tried Node Red on my Google Homes and it works fine but, I have to say that:
for the sole use of TTS announcements, it is more or less complicated like Vera Concierge but rightly I have more control.
when it comes to voice announcements over the phone, VeraAlerts is unbeatable and fast.
With dozens of messages, pop-ups or various ringtones we get on our phones, I prefer to hear VeraAlerts’ Voice for the things that matter most to me like “Warning, Intruder Alarm” or ask Google Assistant “what’s the situation at home?” and start the scene VeraAlerts responds by describing it.
Or, even better; hear from my jacket pocket, the phone that tells me “You didn’t put the armor in when you went out, do you want me to do it?”

I continue to hope that VeraAlerts will be integrated into the system without articulated external aids

I always found VeraAlerts voice announcements hit or miss if they would work or not.

I’m now using CallMeBot for critical alerts. Vera will call my phone and when I anwser the call the TTS announcement is spoken out.

See this article here.

For regular text alerts I just receive push messages on my phone to the Telegram messenger app.

I understand but always impractical. For me VeraAlerts has always worked well for years, fast and reliable … above all simple and straightforward: depending on the function, he speaks, vibrates or rings without touching the phone.

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That’s great if VeraAlerts and Vera Concierge are working well for you.

However they won’t work on an Ezlo hub.

I agree Ezlo could and should improve the alerts notification system on the new platform.

But least with what I have setup now, with Node Red for Google Home TTS and push notifications to Telegram and calls via CallMebot, I know I won’t be relying on Ezlo for these features, as what I have today I can also make work on an Ezlo hub, as its just lines of LUA code in scenes.

So somewhat future proof in this area of functionality.

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Ezlo is the smart home hub, and Ezlo Innovation announced what they claim is “the smallest and most energy-efficient control hub on the market.”

Atom can be directly plugged into any USB power adapter, and allows users to control up to 30 Z-Wave and Wi-Fi devices using the Vera mobile app.

Here you can see the full capabilities of Ezlo Hub range. There are many different Hubs Ezlo offers.

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