What happens with time triggered scenses if an automatic update is carried out?

I’m just wondering what happens with a time triggered scene if an automatic update is pushed to the controller and it restarts at the same time the scene should run. Does the scene run later after the update was finished or doesn’t it run at all?

At the moment we don’t have the choice to run the update manually, so it’s not unlikely that a time triggered scene collides with a update/restart of the controller. Is that considered in the automatic update of the controller or should I open up a ticket with a feature request/suggested solutions to this problem?

Hello @Odyssey

Although the scenario you proposed is a probable one (The scheduled scene doesn’t run due to a firmware upgrade happening at that exact moment). Our development team is currently working on a Firmware Upgrade with prompt option so the user can decide whether he wants to upgrade or not.

I think the same question can be asked whether pending actions will still execute during Daylight Saving changes in Spring, since that hour effectively gets “lost”.
At least these “improbable” scenarios need to be regression tested.

Hello @VeraGator

The Daylight Saving time is parameterized by the location and timezone settings, as long as the controller has enough permissions to connect to the NTP server to update the date/time (No ports blocked on the router or firewall rules), the scenes shouldn’t be affected.

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