What happened to this Ezlo Controller product?

Dates from 2017, was it ever released and sold?


User manual with some screen shots of the software


Looks like the Atom has been around before also with ZLink whoever they are?

Was it named The Clam?

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You’re looking at the marketing handiwork of Mark Walters (https://www.linkedin.com/in/markvwalters/), former Chairman of Z-Wave Alliance and CEO of ZWave Products Inc. (headquartered right up the road from ezlo in NJ). He also consulted for the board of directors over at ZigBee Alliance in Seattle, WA.

His group partnered with ezlo in 2018 to attempt bringing ZLink to market. So far as I can tell, the endeavor never really took off. Other ZLink products continue to be offered for sale online, however, some of them packaged with an original ezlo Atom (a/k/a the “Z-Link ZL100”) controller.

Seems that the campain didn’t end well:

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The failed campaign’s promo videos remain online at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiSfsEFkJSR7eHrxuYlGs9g/videos with a single Comment by posted by Mariusz Malkowski (VP, Customer Success at ezlo).

Even the 2.1-star rated** “eZLO SmartHome” ZLINK app is still on Google Play store.

P.S. **That’s one 5-star review, followed by all 1-star reviews.

Related to 5* and 1* I recently searched the reviews for Atom, wanted to see if people actually like it:

I guess you can see the beautifully written 5* vs normal 1* users, if you know what i mean :slight_smile:


There’s some detail lacking on some of those reviews…