What code set to choose for ZXT-120 to manage a Mitsubishi msz-ge25va heat pump?

Just bought a VeraLite and a Remotec ZXT-120 Infrared extender. The purpose is to be able to manage my Mitsubishi heat pump in a summer cottage from remote.

The challenge is to choose the best code list. The list supplied by Remotec lists 17 code lists for Mitsubishi Electric! (and 3 for MITSUBISHI and 17 for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries). It takes say 2 minutes to enter a new code set value and make the ZXT-120 accept it, but since the heat pump gives no feed back other than - maybe - the requested heating or cooling, it is hard to know it everything is all right. The heating seems to work OK with code 228, but the “energy save” doesn’t.

The heat pump has a “i save” function that keeps the temperature around 10C using minimal energy. This is very useful when nobody is in the house. I would very much like to be able to activate that from remote.

So - what code list do you use for your Mitsubishi heat pump? And is it good?

Found that NeticHome (http://www.netichome.com/en/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/12/NETIChome_AC-control_eng.pdf) recommends code 238. I have tried it, but it to work exactly as 228. I can set the heat pump on and off and adjust the temperature, but the fan settings and energi saveing doesn’t work.

I have the same model in my bedroom, and its larger brother, the msz-ge42VA and 228 works.


Don’t forget you can learn remote commands if you want to use i-save, or a certain temp/fan speed.