What armed detailed state for STAY?

My AD2USB has worked well for a couple of years now. I have a PLEG that triggers on detailed state ARMED AWAY, shuts off lights, etc. When the alarm is disarmed, lights go on, etc. Now… for nighttime, I set the alarm for Stay and I would like to use that status to trigger some events… but I can’t seem to get that working. I’ve tried both detailed states, ARMED NIGHT-STAY and ARMED STAY, but neither ever turns TRUE.

The state I’m looking for isn’t ARMED INSTANT, is it? That doesn’t make sense. Neither does ARMED MAXIMUM. I’m out of detailed states. Any ideas why this doesn’t work? Everything else works great. As I sit here, my alarm shows Status: Stay, but in the PLEG there’s a last true time/date of 0; it’s never happened.

PLEG problem? Or alarm problem? All other alarm states work fine.

Must be a problem in PLEG because I’m using armed detailed state STAY as a trigger in a normal scene without any problems

So, Stay and Stay Night both work for me too… I have Stay keeps the thermostat on, while night stay sets it to energy mode.

Armed Instant means, according to my panel instructions, that as soon as a door is opened, the alarm goes off, rather than the 30 seconds you have to disarm it… SO I don’t think that is going to help you solve the problem you are describing.