What am I missing

First attempt at using PLEG. Using a very simple procedure with PLEG but I’m missing something. Will not work as a trigger for a scene. also I see in the status report Conditions state is staying at null which I don’t think is correct. Missing something simple but can’t see it



Name Description Last Trigger State
Temp Outside Tap temperature goes below 9.7 degrees 2013-10-04 09:47:13.161 false
Device Properties

Name Device Name Device Variable Last Change Value
HeatOn1 Outside Tap CurrentTemperature 2013-10-04 09:55:13.164 9.7

Name Expression Last True State
HeatOn “Temp < 9.7” 2013-10-03 19:59:00.162 null



Name Description
Temp Outside Tap temperature goes below 9.7 degrees
Device Properties

Name Device Name Device Variable
HeatOn1 Outside Tap CurrentTemperature

Name Expression
HeatOn “Temp < 9.7”


A couple of things:

Temp is a trigger so will be true or false. HeatOn1 is a property so can be evaluated in a condition. You need to remove the quotes from your condition expressions.

When you first setup a trigger with a test value (like < 9.7), it will stay at null until the test is passed. I usually set the value so that the trigger fires and then reset it to the value I want.

Thanks for the feedback. When I remove the quotes from “Temp < 9.7” I get an error message of invalid expression operation in Temp <9.7 when vera restarts. Suggestions?

Unless you have changed it, Temp is a trigger. It will be true when the Outside Tap temperature goes below 9.7 degrees. Your condition statement should be just Temp. Alternatively you could write the condition as HeatOn1 < 9.7.

Does that make sense? Triggers are true or false. Properties are quantities so can be compared with constants.

The light just went on (in my brain) :wink: Thanks for taking the time to explain. I’ve got it now and the logic makes sense (finally).
Thanks for helping out a newbie.

You are very welcome. Getting to grips with PLEG is, IMHO, the best thing you can do to improve your home automation.