I don’t… I use many solutions. I am a HA and gadget whor. Lol…

Indeed. There are numerous other solutions out there.

Ignoring the plethora of roll your own options and startups, next step “up” Homeseer.

Fibaro HomeCenter 2 offers great product and extensibility via LUA, for non-U.S. customers anyway.


Here’s why I think people gravitate to Vera and stick with it. Vera is a “gateway drug” for DIYers and cheapskates. Vera is only ~$300 to get started with a controller and a Z-Wave device or three, half the price of a Homeseer or Fibaro controller alone, and no monthly fee. Once you’re hooked, it’s “only” another $50 or $100 for your next device, which you would have to pay with any of the other controllers as well. Vera does just about everything the others do and then some, even if you do need third party plugins or programming to do it. But, Vera gets the job done and there is no significant advantage or compelling reason to then jump to one of the other solutions. Vera becomes their end all solution for HA.