Wayne Dalton Special at ASIHome!

[size=3]Wayne Dalton Special![/size]

Save on the 3973CR keychain remote for use with the WDHA-12R wireless home gateway. The HA02WD appliance module and the HA14WD 600W dimmer are also on special.

3973CR - Reg. $15.69 now $11.12
HA02WD - Reg. $31.06 now $22.23
HA14WD - Reg. $38.70 now $26.67

While supplies last!

Barry, does the keyfob works with Vera to activate scenes? I know you say it will work with WDHA-12R or HA02WD, but nothing about registering this small controller to Vera. I will love to have a small key chain remote with my house keys.

I have corrected my original post as it read incorrectly.

The 3973CR only works with the WDHA-12R wireless home gateway as it the 3973CR is not a Z-Wave device itself. The WDHA-12R can be included into the Vera and the 3973CR can then be used to active the buttons on the WDHA-12R which can run scenes within Vera.