Wayne Dalton dimmer programming

Hi all, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting up to speed reading the experts on this forum. Thank you for sharing your insight.

I’m a newbie but excited and loading up the house with goodies. I’m absolutely ashamed to ask this, but can someone explain to me how I program my Wayne Dalton wall dimmer (HA-06WD). The “manual” refers me to the HA-07WD Deluxe Remote Control for programming info.

I’ve got a GE controller and a functioning zwave network. Unless there’s a secret handshake of pressing down up down up (kind of like the old Nintendo cheat codes), I cannot get this dimmer to jump on my network.

Thanks for any guidance for this year’s nominee of the stupidest question on the forum.

I found that you sometimes have to ‘exclude’ before you include on these. Follow the instructions on the GE remote to exclude a device (possibly multiple times) then ‘include’ it. Simply hitting the on button on the dimmer will put the WD device in include/exclude mode.

I have the HA-06WD and put my vera in ‘include’ by pressing z-wave. Then double-clicked the ‘on’ button on the switch. Worked great!

I tried it just clicking ‘on’ and it didn’t work, but I figured it just didn’t take the first time.

Anyone know how to change the ramp rate? The ‘instructions’ that come with this thing are fabulous. “Click up to turn on. Click down to turn off…” That is about it…