Wattage double count with a single system & two zones

I have a single HVAC system with two zones controlled by two thermostats and motorized dampers in each zones.

I set UserSuppliedWattage variable for each thermostat.
Wattage usage report works well when only one thermostat calls for heat/AC, but when both of them are triggered, I’m getting a double count.

Is there a settings or workaround to negate this wattage double counting?

I was able to get this to work using the combination switch plugin.

Basically I set each thermostat to report a wattage of “5” whenever they are active.

I then use the combination switch plugin to report itself in an “ON” state when either thermostat reports power usage between 4-6 watts.

I manually entered into the combination switch plugin usersuppliedwattage of 2800 W.

Now whenever either thermostat is on the combination switch reports 2800 W - this is true if one or both thermostats is on.