Warranty replacement now down as well

In June I installed my warranty replacement Vera (1,000 miles away) and it worked fine remotely, allowing me to configure scenes etc. Have not logged in since early Oct and come to find i cannot access it at all remotely, nor do other options respond (i.e. new firmware, network etc). I can’t even figure out how to call an actual person.

What would be a good approach for me to get this product working for more than 3 months at a time, or should I stop buying Z-wave thermostats, keyless entry-sets, i.e. punt.

BTW I love the product except for the ‘it doesn’t seem to last very long’ part.

Good ideas accepted - early and often. Thanks

Unfortunately many of us have settled on using some mechanism to allow for remote power cycling of Vera, I dont have to use it nearly as often as in the past but it has come up once in the past 6 months. You can search the forums for many ways to accomplish this, from timers to internet to phone dialed units

PS: dont overlook MCV tech support, they get some people back online very quickly

You can’t really criticise the product if it is the internet connection at the other end that keeps tripping it up. A manual network configuration tends to be more reliable. Pay for a static IP from your ISP then configure Vera 2 manually. That way it won’t have to DHCP or anything like that.

thanks all for useful comments. Full disclosure: Ive been in IT for 30 years, mostly at the enterprise lavel, though admittedly no longer hands-on. So coming from a world where my job depends on delivering major change absent business disruption or service outages, here’s my perspective:

  1. had i known i needed a remote gizmo to recycle vera, or buy static IPs (like a Bloomberg terminal from the '90’s), my response would have been “say what?”, and I would wait for an alternative solution to an extremely simple requirement (besides the Schlage pay site).
  2. tech support took a long time (weeks) to accept my conclusion my first Vera no longer worked, and they couldn’t say why.
  3. The replacement worked for a few weeks, although the little charger used to power Vera while pairing it with Zwave devices didnt work from the get go.
  4. At least with the first one I reach it online. I could request help and get some, rather than a blank screen.