Want to install a motorized awning with zwave

So what they sent me did not have the radio integrated. It was just the four wires dangling out of the motor housing. They also shipped me a bunch of stuff that I won’t use.

  1. An rf remote
  2. A weather resistant radio receiver
  3. A Manual Switch
  4. A Plug with stripped wires.

If I were to use their RF Solution, I would wire the plug to their Radio Receiver and then Wire the Awning to that
If I were to use their Manual Switch, I think I would just wire the plug and the awning to that
I used neither and wired the ESI controller to it

Page 4 Exploded view has Picture of Motor
Page 20 has a picture of the Motor as well. That little white box on the AC wire is the “integrated” receiver. It doesn’t come together as shown in the picture. The ESI controller takes the place of that white box.

Yes but I thought you’d spec’d it to be the non radio version? I’m definitely going to use the ELK solution but wanted to find out some more details about the motors they use so that I can then try to find an equivalent one!

I did spec a manual motor, they sent me everything instead.

What I suspect is the motor is the same regardless of what you spec, they just chop the wire off.

Now if you are asking me who makes the motor and all of it’s specs. That I don’t know. You should call them directly. The engineer I was talking to was very helpful.

If u message me I’ll send you his contact info.

Please let me know how the ELK works out. When this motor dies I may be interested.

Oops, meant ESI, not ELK :slight_smile:


Shady, I have a few questions for you. I was looking at the Lagotek motor control and it has some sort of Sensor terminal.

  1. Can I use this to attach a Wind Sensor?
  2. If so, I found the Honeywell Hometronic HWS 40 sensor as a possible fit, do you know anything about it?
  3. Any thoughts on quality between the two brands?

If this is possible it would solve my wind sensor problem. I would them just use the ESI I bought for solar shades.
btw, Any good places to start looking for motorized solar shades?


Any idea where I can get the somfy motor drive adapters locally here in SoCal?


I thought I’d resurrect this old thread to discuss options for wind sensing.

I have a temporary solution that seems to work pretty well using a HRDS1 window sensor and a pendulum switch. This was based on a similar idea that @shady came up with concerning using a spring as a switch.

I’ll upload either a picture or a video to show it in action.

I’ve had it working like this for a couple of months, and although we’ve not used the awning much at the moment due to the time of year, it seems sensitive enough to retract it if need be!

I’m also interested in using a one of the Oregon Scientific wind sensors, and then using it with the RFXCOMM plugin (and interface) that @evanes developed:


Hello Strangely, for info, I use an Oregon Wind sensor with RFXcom. It’s ok, but did you try other solutions with other sensors, in order to avoid RFXCom interface?

I did try the RFXtrx solution with a wind sensor, but it created other issues with my alarm system and also I could really find a good place to mount it. I’ve fixed the Alarm issues now (I think), but I need to resurrect the idea at some point and maybe try some other locations for the wind sensor.

I think the best sort of solution would be using some form of accelerometer like the Somfy one.

[quote=“shady, post:14, topic:165614”]I’m a bit late to reply, but any 4-wire AC motor will work with the Z-Wave controllers available from ESI or Lagotek (aka RS Scene Automation). They are just a set of relays inside, but with load monitoring so they are able to run a calibration sequence and then you be able to “dim” the awning to a certain percentage of open (based on run time). This is worth the expense, much better than a MacGruber solution. You should find out from the awning mfgr, what size (in Nm = Newton Meters) the motor would or should be.

http://www.lagotek.com/blinds.html toward bottom of page and/or ASIHome.com for the ESI stuff

Somfy motors should not cost $1000 and any 50mm (called LT-50) motor should fit their tube with the proper adapters. Somfy makes adapters (crown and drive, crown near motor head and drive at end of motor down in the tube) for many types of tube. These parts could be MacGrubered via a machine shop as all you are doing making a specialized “donut” (well two donuts) that adapt the motor shape to the tube profile.

Somfy Star Head 510 - even though the description is inaccurate, he says the pic is what you get (shows star)

I am thinking a cool wind sensor idea could be to attach a vibration switch (I’m thinking old pinball game TILT switch that has a vertical weight on a spring surrounded by contact metal, but I am sure they have better tech now, don’t use mercury it is bad and the awning tilts and it wouldn’t work right…has to be for rather heavy vibration) to a Z-Wave window sensor w/ leads. When the wind picks up enough to shake the awning Vera could retract it based on a simple scene. That is basically all the one do that you’d buy from the mfgr does, but they use Somfy RTS or other radio. Attach this battery sensor to the leading edge of the awning somewhere, thats where the’'d put theirs.[/quote]

I feel bad that some of you do not how to get things done cheaper and the easy way. The prices that i see from Somfy are outrages. This is ridiculous!!
Please do yourself a favor and save money and time in the future. Go to www.tubularmotor.us and see the motors listed on their website. In addition to that the tubular motors come with a 7 year warranty!


For all of you interested in installing and modifying your rolling shutters, storm shutters, hurricane shutters etc etc, awnings , blinds, overhead doors please check with Ovi from www.TubularMotor.US . Or shoot him an email at tubularm@yahoo.com or at europeshutters@yahoo.com

You have nothing to lose, much more you might save time and money. 7 years warranty for their tubular motors. You can motorize anything.

If you have a standard motor ( for your blind, rolling shutter, awning etc) you can add later on one or more remote controls. Very easy to do and cheap.
If you need a wind senzor- again, very easy to do and install.


But do you have a control solution that integrates with Zwave/Vera AND can also retract an awning with a wind sensor?

I currently have an ESI A/C Zwave controller operating, it and I’m intrigued on how you propose to integrate with it?

contact us:
We can offer a Z-wave native awning motors and a Z-wave motion sensor which attaches to the front bar and retracts the awning in case of wind

I’m interested in the motion sensor if you have more details? I made one myself, but its not very accurate.

I was wondering if you ended up getting your beautymark awntech awning and if you were able to get it connected to a wave?

I am interested in buying one and I have a control 4 system and I was wondering if it would be able to integrate with my system?

Wow, been a while since I seen this thread.

Awning has been working great now for what looks like 10 years with the motor control. Same motor. The sunbrella fabric is showing it’s age and the front lip is quite faded and fraying. We sew it up as a stop gap. The rest of the fabric color is in good shape, but there are small wear holes near the middle roller.

I never had the motivation to fully implement an IP wind sensor for cost reasons. No regrets on the awning being less than 50% of sunsetter brands.

It will work with your control 4 system as long as you get a compatible 4 wire motor control. In Vera, it shows up a window shade control and a dimmer bar.