Wall switch without dimmer recommendations

I am having a hard time finding a wall switch to control a fan (so I don’t think dimmers will work). Are there any that someone can recommend that are just on/off switches?

The Leviton VRS15-1LX or GE 45609 work as on/off. The GE is cheapest but only comes in white … so check with the household color person first.
There are also dimmers that control fans …don’t know which ones though. Best thing is go to one of the on-line retail sites and check out your options.

Most any of the basic On/Off switches should work fine for controlling a fan. I primarily use the GE/Jasco 45609 for CFL bulbs at home and like them quite a bit. These are rated for 1/2 hp motors as well.

If you want more control of your fan however I would suggest checking out the Leviton VRF01-1LX, which is a fan specific “dimmer”. It has three speeds, but is smart enough to apply full power to the load briefly as you power it on or up to get the blades up to speed, before ratcheting it down to your chosen speed setting. Of course, they are almost 3x the price of a standard GE on/off switch.

I should say that while I have purchased a VRF01-1LX, I haven’t yet installed it (it’s still cold and rainy up here in the Northwest) so I can’t directly comment on how well it works with Vera. I’ve heard good things though and don’t expect any trouble.

Yes the GE/Jasco 45609 switches are pretty versatile and can be used for pretty much anything, I have some running CFL’s and Low voltage LCD lights.

I also just ordered a VRF01-1LX a day or so ago and it should be here in about 5 days. Cant see it not working well as the Leviton stuff is about as good as it gets!

If you want just on or off, then go with the GE/Jasco or if you want speed control then the only option is the Leviton I think!
ASI seem to have the best deal on it at the moment @ $116

I just installed 2 VRF01-1LX in my house this week and they work great. They are quiet and they were easy to set up. Expensive but a quality product.

I think I may already know the answer to this, but does anyone know if Leviton makes a combo fan speed/light dimming z-wave switch? I’m aware of the fan speed switch, but I have a fan with light in one of my rooms, and presently have it controlled with a Lutron Maestro (non z-wave) combo electronic switch - the top button controls the fan speed, and the bottom the light (in a single-gang configuration) Improve Depot - Providing Home Improvement Supplies & Outdoor Supplies — Improve Depot, LLC . Sure would be great if there were an equivalent in z-wave.

I’d love this too…still nothing like it for us as far as I know

You can use the two button from Leviton VRCS2

This is a 2 switch with independant switches. can work as a scene controller. No dimming although.

Specs on VRF01-1LX indicate a max load of 1.5 amps. This seems like a low number. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this issue ?

It does sound low, doesn’t it? But I guess it’s not. My Hunter ceiling fan is rated at 87 watts.

I have two of those. Each is driving a Hunter [66W] Fan, and I’ve had no problems. Presumably they’re rated Lower because the Fans don’t need the higher amperage/wattage. The “burst” a little to get the fan going initially.

Here’s my issue…lets see if I can explain this ???

I have on my patio two ceiling fixtures for fans.
They are run into three switches which makes it a 4 way?
What I want to do is install two fans and be able to control the fans as well as the lights.
I’m actually thinking about rerouting the wiring and sending wires for the lights to one of the 3 switches then the fan wiring to one of the others.
Does that make sense or would that work?