Wall dimmer polling delay

I’ve got a Linear WD500Z-1 Z-Wave 500-watt Wall Mount Dimmer Switch and I’m trying to get it to control a Jasco 45602 Lamp Module.
Vera3 manual makes it sound really easy:
I went to Wall Switch settings.
Device Options.
Added group id 1.
Added association with lamp module.

Didn’t work - lamp module ignores the switch completely.

Fine I thought - I’ll do it the Vera way by creating a scene:
Went to create a new scene that checks the state of switch and turns the lamp module on or off.

Works, but there’s a “slight” problem: light switch seems to be polled at random intervals of anywhere from a minute to two minutes. That makes this setup completely useless since I generally want the light to come on when I switch it on, not two minutes later.

Could someone please suggest the correct way to do this or at least a way to increase the poll frequency for the switch?

Thank you!

Contrary to the manual of the WD500Z-1, its ability to handle associations appears to have been removed.

The Vera scene that you implemented was the appropriate choice in this case. However, in order to to have this configuration be responsive, the switch must support the Instant Status feature, which the WD500Z-1 does not. You would have to use a different switch that supports Instant Status. See Leviton Vizia RF+ or Cooper.

With regards to your specific question about controlling the polling interval, this cannot be effectively done. Vera polling is done on an opportunistic basis, not a precise schedule. You can limit how frequently Vera polls, but you cannot reliably force Vera to poll every X seconds or minutes.

Your choices are to accept the varying delay in scene activation, or use an Instant Status switch.

Thanks for quick reply. Any experience with this one?

Description seems very clear about the fact that it is capable of activating scenes. Am I correct to assume it means instant notification?


Just wanted to update that I replaced WD500Z-1 with WT00Z-1 which works perfectly with associations. Didn’t need to set up scenes.

Thanks for your help.