"Waiting Initial Data" after initial installation

You need to look at the manual and install VeraBridge to connect to your Vera, and then transfer the device files. It’s all explained there.

But, AltUI should work already…

TBH I never even got that far.


Wimp. :wink:

What stopped you?

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Couldn’t even get the modules installed. Although it was on a very old OS using Darwin Ports


Yep, I know about the Verabridge to connect to my V+, but the AltUI thing is baffling me…

Can you send me the startup log and the current log from the openLuup menu pages?

Also try clicking on the icon at the top left of the openLuup page.

Just PM’ed a zip with the 2 logs. Thx!

Clicked the icon, same result “Waiting…”

suggestion : check what is in the chrome javascript console in terms of messages, …
open the page , clear the console mesages, force a refresh , copy paste the console messages to share them here …

I see an error in the openLuup log at AltUI startup:

2020-02-11 22:09:54.816   openLuup.servlet:: file not found:J_ALTUI_loc_pt.js

Yep, there’s that error. Will have to check where is that file but no time now. From the name, it appears to be a localization file for Portugal, is it? @amg0 could it be that the ALTUI installation does not have that file?

Try to add &Lang=en on the url
Browser must be in Portugal mode and searching for the localization file which does not exist ( open to contributions here … )
Normally it should be an optional file but I need to check

An alternative is to copy the _en file and make a _pt file…

Is your machine’s locale set incorrectly?
Try this from the shell…

echo $LANG

My (UK) result is…


I’m in Portugal and the region of this mac is PT. BTW LANG is not an env variable in macos.

Anyway, I’m away and am unable to check anything.

Well, that would explain it then! :grinning:

Interesting, because that result was from my Mac.

WMac5155814:~ c00258a$ echo $LANG


catman@iMac ~ % echo $LANG


My oldest Mac appears to not know of LANG though. It’s on Snow Leopard!

Not going to boot any of my others.

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Ah! I was logged as root and that var is not in the root environment! In a normal user env, it shows as: “pt_PT.UTF-8” as expected.


And that was it. I renamed J_ALTUI_b_en.js to J_ALTUI_b_pt.js and J_ALTUI_loc_es.js to J_ALTUI_loc_pt.js. It has booted in Spanish now. Will create Portuguese locale files and send them to you @amg0, as soon as I can.

Oddly enough, I did not have a J_ALTUI_loc_en.js. Is that normal?

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Posting on this old thread, as its still relevant:
My initialisation halted with this error in the log:
2020-09-15 16:16:42.497 openLuup.servlet:: file not found:J_ALTUI_loc_nb.js

It looks for it as i’m in norway. I made a file J_ALTUI_loc_nb.zip (24.1 KB) (just rename to .js, its not a zip file).
This file gets me past the language error, and continues with english. (as i prefer).
Just rename it to whatever language you need. :slight_smile: Or even better, translate all the language and give it to @amg0. :wink:

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