VRC0P / Vizia RF+ Emulator Plug-In for Vera, anyone using it?

I’m thinking about purchasing a Vera 2 to work with my existing HA setup. Currently, I use a VRC0P to communicate with about 42 Z-Wave devices: motion sensors, dimmers, thermostats etc…

Questions about the Vizia RF+ Emulator Plug-In for Vera:
I would like to know if the Vizia RF+ Emulator Plug-In for Vera will work with Vera 2 and if it adds protocol to support Z-Wave locks?

Also, does it allow for association/hailing with Vizia RF+ dimmers and switches? Currently, I have the ability to detect manual switch presses and want to confirm that I’d keep that ability with this emulator…?

Also, I would like to confirm the beta version is stable and that I would be able to download it for free…?

I was never able to get it to work properly. I was supposed to get together with Javier who wrote it but he is not there anymore. Another gentleman and I were going to get together on it but with all the work being done on the Firmware, etc. there has not been time.

Thanks Barry.

I’ll hold off on buying a Vera until I hear more, but by then the new VRC0P maybe out so who knows… ???