Voice Control? Check out this video

Amazing world we live in, I can’t wait until we can get this with Vera!

This can already be done with HAL Remote or with my app AutHomation. HomeBuddy also has support for activating scenes via voice control. However these apps only run on android.

  • Garrett

Note to self, when recording for YouTube publication … Ensure you’re wearing clothes.

Haha, I just caught that. Not sure what people are thinking when recording video.

  • Garrett

Good advice… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, as far as voice control of HA is concerned this isn’t too spectacular. Its already here with Vera as other people have stated. The real high tech jazz with HA and speech recognition is when you can ask it questions and get answers. HAL can do that to a certain degree but HAL can’t circumvent the fact that SR simply does not work well and is still really in it’s infancy.