VistaCam700 vs Nest Cam - baby monitor

Hi all,
fleetbaby is coming to an Earth near you this February! My wife has tasked me with a baby monitor system. I have 2 VistaCam PTs and a Foscam 8910 running right now for various security points throughout the home, but I want a higher quality camera for the baby room.

Important things:
high quality
ability to hear the baby
ability to monitor from phones/ipads/computers/etc.
needs excellent non-vera-ui07 (proprietary) control user interface

Understood points:
likely won’t have audio by way of vera (ui07)
will be using the baby monitor not through ui07, but through proprietary software OR blue iris (which I haven’t yet purchased). BUT, I want this to be viewable through vera as well
understood that nest cam is not compatible with vera

So how is the quality of these two compared to one another?

Congrats on the soon to be new arrival. We just went through this and I would add a few things to your list, if you haven’t already considered them. We ended up with a more traditional solution because of these.

Dropcam is great quality–way better than most of the baby cams, and online viewing is great, BUT it only sends a noise alert every 30min, max. So if your baby wiggles around, you get an alert, but if the baby starts screaming bloody murder 10 minutes later, you get nothing.

The other issues with dropcam and most other non-baby cam setups are that you don’t have an always on screen. At 2am do you want to get an alert, then log in to an app to check on baby. Or do you want to just tap a button on the monitor screen next to your bed… The other big issue is that most baby cams alert you if they’re out of range, but you don’t necessarily get an alert if your traditional cam is offline. We tried to go with dropcam initially, but found it frequently stalled–not enough to be truly offline, but enough that several times when we thought she was being monitored, the feed from the dropcam was silent and frozen and the baby was actually crying.

There is one new traditional baby camera which gives you most of the asks–online feed with traditional baby monitor features and an external screen with all the setting selections you’d likely want. We tried this one (I think by Motorola) and found it didn’t have the range we needed for our house and wasn’t consistent about alerting you if it was out of range.

Not exactly what you asked, but a few things to consider if you haven’t already. We ended up going a bit overboard but I’m happy with the solution. We use a dropcam to monitor the nursery and be able to see what’s going on when we’re out and baby is with another caregiver. For regular monitoring when we’re home we use the infant optics dxr 8 and then have a cheaper sound monitor with great range that we can take out in the yard, etc… If we hear noise then we can login to the dropcam to monitor.


You should check out the Fosbaby by Foscam. This camera with an app called Baby Monitor for IP Camera by Tiny Solutions would meet all of your important criteria. The app is available for iPhones and Ipads, I don’t know if there is an android version. I use Baby Monitor for IP camera with my iPhone or iPad when I’m on my LAN and it has two way audio, adjustable sound level notifications, and adjustable squelch so you don’t hear constant white noise. For remote access I typically use vera, but like you said there is no audio. However, Foscam’s app does have remote audio but I have not used it much to know how well it works. The other benefit to the Fosbaby is the soft AP. You can bring it with you when you travel and connect directly to your phone over wifi. I have not used this feature so I don’t know what kind of range it has though.

forgot I posted this, thanks for the feedback, finally getting to buying something now that the holiday madness is over!