VistaCam 700 storage

When you record video, where is it stored?

If you mean record video through UI07, it is stored on their servers. They store up to 1GB for you and write over them, oldest first, once the retention policy is reached.

How do we access the stored video in their server?

I access my recordings in UI07 by going to the camera and going to the “recorded” tab. You can watch or delete them from there.

This is literally everything I know, I asked Vera in a support email where it was stored and what the retention policy was, here was their response to me:

"At the moment there?s no official retention policy because this feature is still work in progress. But with the current service there is 1GB cloud limit, and upon movement detection Vera records a 20 seconds video clip or a still picture, at your choice. When this limit will be reached, the media will be overwritten, starting with the older ones. An average size of one 20 seconds video is around 2-3mb. So unless this feature is used non stop or on a very circulated area, you should not reach the cap sooner that 1 month.
The current service does not have any monthly fees and it?s offered free of charge.

Take in mind that with the current hardware and software Vera is nowhere near a fully fledged network video recorder. With the upcoming hardware and new units, VeraSecure and VeraPlus, this service will be extended to offer more advanced video capabilities over a monthly fee that has not been established yet."

Yup they are working on their cloud recording software. From ui5 the video aspect is day and night better. But you still can’t use it as a 100% solution just yet. We typically take an IP camera hook it to vera for easy peaking but have a NVR on site that does all the heavy lifting. Its coming.