Vistacam 1200 failure

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I bought the vistacam 1200 and it was not compatible with my Vera lite. I was told it worked with the new Ezlo controller. So I ordered and just received my Ezlo Plus controller. Tried several times to install and reinstall it and finally called Tech Support. After getting disconnected and getting back on the phone they tell me present it isn’t compatible with the new controller. So I am DEEPLY disappointed with all this so far. Has anyone else had any luck?

Hi there,

Our team is investigating this and will come up with a solution ASAP.
We’re sorry to hear about this.

Don’t think that’s correct. It is compatible with the new Ezlo controller.

Hi Regards All, I has at home various devices of different brands with tech ZWave. My principal controller is Vera Edge.

A favorite device for me is the Doorbell, now that the market has several models, I decided to buy the new Vista Cam 1200, keeping in mind that it is compatible with the controller.

I have integrated it without major problem, now work is with a 12v transformer, but I notice that the Doorbell heats up more than normal, compared to other devices.

Is this normal? according to the technical description, it can work up to a 24v transformer.

Reviewing the forum, I read that adding it creates a virtual motion sensor, in my case it did NOT.
When someone rings the doorbell, I do NOT get a notification.
Of all the recordings, it only shows a few.
I think that the integration of this new product lacks a lot, compared to other brands.

I think it’s fairly normal for them to run quite hot. Lots of others have said the same thing, on the other IP camera forums I am a member of.

I run my Ezviz DB1 doorbell on 12v DC power.

Greetings CW-kid
Thanks for your answer,

What other model of Doorbell could you suggest me to integrate into my house, and that I can integrate my controller as a generic IP camera?

I had thought of Ezviz’s DB1, but maybe there could be a better model. maybe one that has a wired output to connect a sensor and integrate the door knock to see?

Thank you so much

I don’t know. Doorbird maybe people rate those well. Not sure if you can buy them in Europe?

I am happy with my Ezviz DB1 there is a newer version of it out now also.

As for integration in to the Z-Wave network for a trigger on the doorbell pressed, I just used a Z-Wave door contact sensor with a dry contact input and a small DC relay.

See my blog here.

If the Vera VistaCam 1200 is meant to also add a virtual motion sensor? But hasn’t, maybe try removing the device and adding it again.

Also make sure the firmware on your Vera hub is updated.

The VistaCam 1200 is now listed in the doorbell pairing wizard in the Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers. There are a few known issues, though, specially with two way audio when connecting from outside the local network. Hopefully those can be solved sooner than later.

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