Is there someone who tried to use a VISIONCAM HEDEN ?
I tried the reference IP Wi-Fi CAMHED04IPWB, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with the VERA 2.
It works well outside the VERA into a web browser, but not inside the Dashboard. The configuration seems to be right, added with IP Generic camera.

May be I do something wrong. Maybe it doesn’t work with this camera.
I don’t know. Can you help ?

Thank you

So, I reply to myself. The HEDEN cam works.
I give the informations to the wiki, the reference can be added.

Where is the information on the wiki ? I don’t find it ?
Can you give me parameters to enter in Vera (the url of the camera screenshot ?)

Just in case, I’ve just seen the message:

the url is:

I found the camera behaving better (notably on my smartphone) with image resolution set at 320x200.

If anyone knows how to make tilt and pan works…