vision z-wave repeater

Anyone got these working on Vera? VIS_ZR

Successfully added two of these (Vera 3; UI5) so they appear on the dashboard as binary switches. But they won’t successfully configure or do anything.

What are you trying to configure it to “do”. Even though they are displayed as binary switches, they are in fact, not switches at all. They are Z-Wave radios only and will not “do” anything but relay radio signals in your network.

Once the repeater has been included into your Z-Wave network you’re done. You can poll the device from Vera, if you wish.

They should configure. The Aeon Labs ones do. If you get them included, you would need to do a heal to potentially get them into routing…

Thx for replies.
I am trying to get them to act as repeaters ( at risk of stating the obvious).
Appreciate the binary switch representation is a Vera artifact.
Point is the don’t respond to a poll request, or update their neighbor tables.
NB error reprot on polling or other command is “Failed at Getting the Version”

as an update, i am advised by the supplier that Vision have confirmed their zwave+ devices don’t work with Vera3, only Edge. Supposedly a zwave to zwave+ compatibility issue.

Seems to contradict all assertions of interoperability between the two.

I’m now on UI7 but they still don’t work. Anyone have more info on Vera3 Zwave plus support?