Vision Door sensor ZD2102 battery level always 100%

Hi all.

I am running Firmware 1.7.760 on my Vera 3.

All my Vision ZD2102 sensors show a battery level of 100% (although they run for a year already). The fibaro door sensors seem to show the correct value.

Anybody had this problem and knows how to fix this?

Thanks very much in advance,


Same problem with my mother in law’s panic watch. Vera shows a battery level of 100% , and I received a mail for battery low. :-\

Hello romaquero,

what do you mean by “I received a mail for battery level low”? Does this mean the notify works anyways although the level shows 100%?


It’s seems like it works, but vera can’t know battery level. I configured it to send a mail for battery level under 20%, and I received it. But yesterday I was received lots of mails about every devices… It was a crazy day :-.
So I don’t know what must I think ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

It could just be a result of the lithium battery type. Because the device only monitors the voltage level of the battery and lithium batteries maintain their voltage level for the majority of their life. They only start to drop in voltage when they are close to the end of their usable capacity. Once they do reach this state they tend to drop fairly rapidly. This is one of the great adavantages of this type of battery.


I don’t think so.It’s not the first battery in the device, and battery level was showed correctly.