Virtual ON/OFF Switches and Alexa device discovery

Hi Guys,

I have a few z-wave light switches connected to my veralite which Alexa finds and uses but I have recently flashed a Sonoff basic switch with a custom ESP8266 firmware, I am using two scenes on the vera (on and off) to send an http request to the Sonoff unit using LUA which works, I use a (Virtual ON/OFF Switches) Switch to toggle these two scenes.

My problem is this… The (Virtual ON/OFF Switches) device is not listed in the alexa devices list. Is there a way to make the virtual switch show up as a physical device whilst running discovery for new devices from the alexa app?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hey dude,
Upload the virtual switch XML file posted by Juppers in the link below (if you havent already):

I was having a similar issue and found that re-enabling the skill then waiting 24 hours before executing the discovery of devices worked. It appears to be a synch issue between Vera and your Echo/Dot.

Hope this helps,