Virtual dimmer which controls multiple lights

Hi there,
Is it possible to make a virtual dimmer which controls multiple dimmable lights?
So if I swipe it 3 lamps go from eg. 20% to 60% simultaneously.


I’m not entirely sure I’m understanding what you want. You say want a virtual dimmer, but later refer to swiping it. This is my confusion. How do you swipe a virtual device?

You can simultaneously control multiple Z-Wave devices such as dimmer switches or dimmer lamp modules using scenes. As well as activating scenes form the Vera console, via schedules or through smartphone apps, you can physically trigger the scene with a scene capable switch or another Z-Wave controller like a handheld remote.

Does this answer your question?

I am sorry if I don’t made it clear.
Forget the swipe remark.

I ment;
In the Vera UI I see a slider with a range from 0 to 100%.
I would like to have a custom slider where I can assign multiple light sources to.

So if, in the Vera UI, I choose 30% on that slider, all those assigned lights go to 30%.

Understand now?

You can link multiple real Dimmers together using something like the following:,15301.msg116361.html#msg116361

You can disable the PLEG to unlink them.
This will only work if the real dimmers support instant status … otherwise the other will not respond until the next polling interval.

Wow! Thanks! I will try that tonight! I have Fibaro dimmers, so I don’t know if they do instant update, but I will find out!

I am sure a virtual dimmer plugin can be whipped up pretty quickly.

  • Garrett

[quote=“garrettwp, post:6, topic:177259”]I am sure a virtual dimmer plugin can be whipped up pretty quickly.

  • Garrett[/quote]
    Wow. That would be great. I was pretty amazed it didn’t exist yet.
    Would be just great if I could use it with AuthomationHD :slight_smile: