Virtual Consulting Help with Vera - via Skype,, Adobe connect, etc...


I’m in IT and fairly technical and am 60% through a basic install of Vera and swapping out all my switches with Leviton Viza RF’s. Phase 1 will be lighting control, phase 2 audio / video via SQ remote, phase 3 will be swapping out our current alarm system with DSC (have a local installer lined up to swap out the gear) but will need help on the Vera side.

I have time to do the basic setup and config’s however the subtle things like: trouble shooting misbehaving 2-4 button controllers, device bios updates, best practices configs for zwave network performance, which iOS apps and plugins to choose, I just do not have the time or bandwidth to troll the form to figure these things out myself. I need the performance to be rock-solid, do not want wife and visitors to push a scene button on a controller or fob and have it not respond at all or too slowly.

I am interested in partnering with a Senior Vera techie, who is interested in doing some virtual con calls and “mentoring” me while building out my automation system. I’m guessing it will be a couple hours here and there… over the next 5-6 months, ~10 hrs per month.

I have not posted enough on this forum to PM or reply to PM’s so if interested please PM me with your contact info.

BTW: this is a $$ offer hourly rate to be negotiated…

Thanks, -Erik

Still looking for a consultant if anyone is interested… thanks, -Erik

Not one for this.
Phase 3 DSC Alarm integration takes about 10 minutes once the alarm is in place
Add interface to DSC (preferred EVL3) connect to network and assign fixed or reserved IP address. The interface connect directly to the panel in the same way a keypad does… Four wires to keybus.

Install DSC App from App Store.
Set App to match interface used
Set IP address to match interface.
Set zones numbers and types.

This should be very painless and the integration allowing reuse of you sensor to support you automation activities, lighting functions etc provides real benefits or a quick win in Value for Money stake.

Hi @Brientim

Thanks so much for the reply and the quick tips on DSC…! Really appreciate it! All the best, -Erik